Racing with Machine

We are living in “THE NEW MACHINE AGE”, the age computers get better and faster than anything else ever, the age knowledge creation is more compatible than physical production. We invented siri, we invented IBM’s Watson, we invented 4D printing…we have all these invention and they even got the most important skill themselves: machine learning! The black mirror told us this, HER pointed out this, but most of people still don’t realize: technology is racing ahead, and it’s leaving more and more people behind. How can a skilled worker compete with a piece of software? He can’t.

Same with Headhunting industry, this industry exists just because the asymmetric information, companies and job seekers get different information, we are earning money from asymmetric information. People know money and information are the two things in the world that people will not give you for free, and we can get money from information. But people forget all these information is a part of big data, and nowadays the big data is making all kinds of choices for us. Algorithm can tell us what movies we should watch, what music we should listen, like Netflix, like Pandora. And today it already can suggest us what jobs we are applying for, or tell employers who they should hire! Like, like Knack. Machines are doing this matchmaking jobs instead of headhunters.

No wonder more and more people will no longer have jobs, not only in the headhunting industry, but also in media and music, in finance and manufacturing, in retailing and trade…in fact, in every industry. Instead of slowing down the technology, we need to race with the machine.

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Science Goes to the Movies: ‘Her’

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