Y Combinator now wants startups that really want to change the world. Here’s why that matters


Y Combinator turned some heads last year when it began accepting nonprofit startups into its San Francisco incubator program. Amid the Dropboxes and Hipmunks, YC startups are suddenly developing an HIV/AIDS vaccine and crowdfunding healthcare.

The incubator is going one step beyond that with its next class. A request for startups went out today that outlines 22 new areas YC is interested in, although the majority of the startups it accepts will continue to be internet- and mobile-centric. They cover everything from artificial intelligence to robotics to healthcare, categories YC describes as “breakthrough technologies.”

They are things you would not expect to find a startup doing. That’s because a decade ago they probably would have been impossible for a startup. A company from YC’s most recent class is building a fusion reactor, something once contained to well-funded government labs. Now even clever high school students can fuse nuclei in their garage.

There is…

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Racing with Machine

We are living in “THE NEW MACHINE AGE”, the age computers get better and faster than anything else ever, the age knowledge creation is more compatible than physical production. We invented siri, we invented IBM’s Watson, we invented 4D printing…we have all these invention and they even got the most important skill themselves: machine learning! The black mirror told us this, HER pointed out this, but most of people still don’t realize: technology is racing ahead, and it’s leaving more and more people behind. How can a skilled worker compete with a piece of software? He can’t.

Same with Headhunting industry, this industry exists just because the asymmetric information, companies and job seekers get different information, we are earning money from asymmetric information. People know money and information are the two things in the world that people will not give you for free, and we can get money from information. But people forget all these information is a part of big data, and nowadays the big data is making all kinds of choices for us. Algorithm can tell us what movies we should watch, what music we should listen, like Netflix, like Pandora. And today it already can suggest us what jobs we are applying for, or tell employers who they should hire! Like AfterCollege.com, like Knack. Machines are doing this matchmaking jobs instead of headhunters.

No wonder more and more people will no longer have jobs, not only in the headhunting industry, but also in media and music, in finance and manufacturing, in retailing and trade…in fact, in every industry. Instead of slowing down the technology, we need to race with the machine.

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“Even A Brick Wants To Be Something” – Louis Kahn




The first time I get to know about Louis Kahn because of the movie “My Architect: A Son’s Journey”


The filmmaker is also the one who participate the short movie “Inocente”


and later I did some research, found one TED talks about the movie

Also Louis Kahn had a book “Louis Kahn: Conversations with Students (Architecture at Rice)”











He is a cool architect.

All About Sugar

Since I came to Turkey I noticed that I became a sugar addict, and also gaining weight, feeling tired all the time, always sleepy…I know there must be something very bad happened with my body, maybe it is because of sugar! And I start to search some information about how does sugar effect our body, this is why this blog comes out.

Sugar: How sweet it is … and how bad it is
by Peter Martin
Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/sugar-how-sweet-it-is–and-how-bad-it-is-20131231-304gj.html#ixzz2pspCI4SL

I love his writing style by the way.

How sugar affects the brain – Nicole Avena



Sugar is everywhere:












How to kick the sugar habit: tips and low-sugar recipes



Chaos, Solitons & Fractals


First time was mentioned by Benoît B. Mandelbrot, he wrote a book called Fractals and Chaos: The Mandelbrot Set and Beyond, which changed our view of the mathematical and physical universe.



The Code


Jackson Pollock

Romanesco broccoli

So happy to find the broccoli in Istanbul! But there are a lot of friends don’t know what is fractal and why I was so excited about it, I think I should summarize it here, this is why this blog is here.


How to Quit Your Job Like Sherwood Anderson: The Best Resignation Letter Ever Written



Dear Barton:

You have a man in your employ that I have thought for a long time should be fired. I refer to Sherwood Anderson. He is a fellow of a good deal of ability, but for a long time I have been convinced that his heart is not in his work.

There is no question but that this man Anderson has in some ways been an ornament to our organization. His hair, for one thing, being long and messy gives an artistic carelessness to his personal appearance that somewhat impresses such men as Frank Lloyd Wright and Mr. Curtiniez of Kalamazoo when they come into the office.

But Anderson is not really productive. As I have said his heart is not in his work. I think he should be fired and if you will not do the job I should like permission to fire him myself. I therefore suggest that Anderson be asked to sever his connections with the company on [the first of next week]. He is a nice fellow. We will let him down easy but let’s can him.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherwood Anderson